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Dedicated Project Management per Client

  • Each project manager at Omnigo has a group of Clients to look after.
  • This enables the Project Manager to have intimate knowledge of each project enabling Omnigo to provide superior service.


  • The transition from the design phase to the production or manufacturing phase requires considerations of various constraints. In this complex process, Omnigo’s Industrialisation Engineers play a key role. We ensure that design information is correctly transferred to the production floor. The industrialisation process is especially helpful to our contract clients to qualify the process and optimise manufacturability, yield and cost on first-off production runs of new products.

    Depending on the complexity of the product being manufactured, certain of the following procedures may be implemented:

    1. Obsolescence identification and management.
    2. Design for manufacturing and assembly (DFMA) analysis and recommendations to minimise product cost and increase the yield by targeting the following primary drivers:
      1. Assembly time.
      2. Component cost.
      3. Assembly process.
      4. Optimizing the PCB layout and specifications for the fabrication process.
      5. Material selection.
      6. Tooling strategies.
      7. Testability and test coverage.

Following these critical steps early in the development phase of a new product will result in the following benefits for our clients:

  • Lower development and manufacturing cost.
  • Optimised manufacturability.
  • Improved component quality and consistency.
  • Improved delivery schedules.
  • Improved standard of manufacturing documentation.
  • Optimised product design.

Process qualification and First Article Inspection (FAI) benchmarking.

Procurement of Materials

Omnigo offers a full sourcing and procurement of parts and components for your PCB and products. Our buying department is able to source components at the best prices due to the purchasing power and price agreement structure we have with our suppliers. We welcome Clients to take advantage of this service.

Part Research:
While Clients have the flexibility to free issue their components to Omnigo, we are able to source components at the best part package and the cheapest price from the most reliable suppliers. During this phase, we often find superior parts which are able to increase the product’s reliability.

Obsolete Parts:
Omnigo also offers expertise to source substitute parts for obsolete components, to assist with manufacturing continuity.

Substitute Parts:
Substitute parts are sourced for the following three primary reasons: replace obsolete parts, increase a part’s availability and/or to decrease component cost. In many instances we are able to greatly reduce the overall cost of parts required.

Automated SMT Assembly

  • Our-state-of-the-art SMT lines are highly adaptable and can be quickly optimised to meet our client’s requirements for PCB population, volume and complexity and compliant with IPC standards Class l, ll and lll.
  • Omnigo has an optimum SMT placement capacity in excess of 300k components per hour, down to Ultra-compact 01005 (Imperial) package size and ultra-fine pitch components such as BGA’s
  • Our production processes allow for both leaded and lead-free assembly.
  • Our production lines are fully automated. PCB’s are automatically loaded onto the SMD line where the components are placed, reflowed and automatically unloaded without any human intervention.
  • Certified Pb-free production on all SMT lines.
  • Full automatic solder screen printers with automatic cleaning and selected solder paste inspection

Automated Optical Inspection

  • Every single SMD board manufactured at Omnigo goes through Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) machines to ensure perfect quality. All PCB’s are also manually and visually inspected by our highly trained operators.
  • Our leading-edge AOI machines are employed to inspect for manufacturing defects on PCB’s. We are able to detect a variety of surface defects such as nodules, scratches, stains, open circuits, shorts, incorrect components, missing components and incorrectly placed components with very quick inspection speed, accuracy and consistency.This ensures that we deliver to high quality PCB’s without any defects.

Automated and Manual Through Hole Production

  • At Omnigo we have a highly versatile, Skilled (IPC Certified) and dedicated Through Hole Department that works to quickly optimise the placement of leaded components.
  • Though SMT technology has grown in popularity, through-hole pins are still a necessary for many boards, and they still need to be soldered. While this process can be cumbersome, Omnigo has invested in an automated selective soldering machine as a precise and cost effective way to solder through-hole technology.
  • Selective soldering allows us to solder through-hole pins and work around delicate SMT packages by targeting specific areas on the board. This promotes repeatability, fewer defects, increased throughput and overall cost reduction

Looms, Cables and Wiring

  • Omnigo also manufactures looms, cables and wiring Harnesses.
  • We are capable of manufacturing both military and commercial looms and cables, including stripping and crimping of coax cables to meet a wide variety of client requirements.

Conformal Coating

  • Omnigo offers conformal coating where PCB protection is required against damage due to contamination, salt spray, moisture, fungus, dust and corrosion caused by harsh or extreme environments.
  • Conformal Coating is applied, with precision and by very capable personnel, to only areas of the PCB specified by the client, avoiding connectors and no-go areas. 
  • Omnigo offers HumiSeal 1B31 and Peters SL1301 ECO-FLZ conformal coatings for Mil-spec and commercial requirements

Potting and Mechanical packaging

In cases where a PBA needs to be protected against extreme conditions potting or resin encapsulation is used to seal off the assembly. Typically a resin or polyurethane is used to encapsulate the product.

Omnigo is flexible and can adapt our processes for any client specification with regards to potting or encapsulation whether it is for a flexible or rigid or opaque or clear solution.

Omnigo has extensive experience in further integration of electronic PBA’s into mechanical housings or systems. We have an in-house design team that can also design a suitable solution to package your product into a mechanical assembly.


  • X-Ray inspection machine uses X-rays as its source (instead of visible light) to inspect features on a PCB, which are typically hidden from view.
  • Our X-ray machine allows us to analyse and detect:
    • Solder joints which can be open circuit, short circuit, solder bridges, insufficient solder, solder void, excess solder and solder quality.
    • BGA connectivity shorts and open circuit connections.
  • Omnigo’s state of the art X-ray machine is also used for in-house process verification to ensure that we can produce quality PCB’s with confidence.

Automated Testing

  • Driven by our desire to increase efficiency and maintain product quality, Omnigo is continuously investing in our manufacturing facilities to ensure that we remain a major force in the South African and Global electronics market.
  • As you would expect from a leading PCB manufacturer we have an impressive range of PCB assembly and Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) at our disposal to perform functional testing to provide a go or no-go decision on finished PCBs.
  • We have invested in systems that are technologically advanced, more efficient, easier to use and more able to test complex circuits.
  • The resulting lower number of defects increases the yield of good boards, reduces the amount of re‐work needed, increases the productivity of the PCB manufacturing area, and improves the quality of the end product.

Environmental Stress Screening

  • Omnigo has the facility to offer the following ESS services on PCB assemblies:
    • Passive thermal shock.
    • Thermal profiling
    • Active temperature testing.
    • Vibration

Higher assembly (System) integration

  • Omnigo has a well experienced Final assembly team on various types of products.
  • From the simplest Line Termination Unit integrated into a housing and delivered in a branded box to a complex integrated military grade Power Distribution Unit, Omnigo has the capabilities to fulfill our Client’s needs big or small.

Quality Assurance

  • At Omnigo we take pride in having the highest possible standard of production, maintained through our strict quality control procedures. This means we offer our clients a premium product that matches their requirements.
  • These quality controls, through multiple stages of our production process, ensure constant testing and monitoring of our operation.
  • We are certified to ISO 9001: 2015 that guarantees consistent processes that ensure quality of international standards.
  • Omnigo’s electronic manufacturing is in accordance with international IPC standards.
  • Omnigo’s passion for implementing continuous improvement delivers excellent client service,  manufacturing efficiency and superior quality.
  • We also offer quality certification of completed and tested finished items and products.

Transformer Winding

Omnigo also offers customised transformer and Coil winding facilities where off-the-shelf items are not readily available and for very specific applications that may have unique requirements.

Advanced Rework and Repair

  • At Omnigo we offer Advanced Rework, Repair and Testing for SMT and through hole components on your PCBs, with precision and expertise.
  • Omnigo has been supporting their Clients with high quality repair and rework services for many years, and in accordance with recognised IPC standards.
  • Our specialised rework and repair services are further enhanced by our in-house optical and X-ray inspection capabilities.

BGA Re-ball and Re-work Specialists

Omnigo offers a specialised capability to re-ball and re-work Ball-Grid-Array’s. This is a requirement where BGA devices available for production might not suit the build method, i.e. Lead or Lead free.

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