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About Us

Omnigo is a contract manufacturer focusing on the electronic industry. As stated in our vision our goal is to make your designs a reality. Our aim is to provide a contract manufacturing solution that can be tailored to a large extent around our client’s requirements.

Omnigo services any industry (big or small) which has electronic manufacturing needs. Some of the industries we serve are Military, Mining, telecommunications and vehicle tracking.

Our roots are humble as we started out as a micro enterprise (Factum electronics) in the 1980’s. Since then Omnigo was founded in 1999 in a joint venture with Grintek which has since changed to SAAB Grintek. Our facility is well balanced with all the different facets that are required to service our customers in the varied field of electronic industry. Apart from our manufacturing capabilities Omnigo has a strong procurement and materials control department to handle the sourcing and procuring of components required for our customer’s products. As we pride ourselves on being a service orientated business Omnigo is able to service both our clients who source the materials themselves and the customers who rely on our expertise and buying power in sourcing the materials. Omnigo currently have 200 + employees at any given time and we are based in Pretoria on a 4500m2 facility.

Let Omnigo become your manufacturing partner. We focus on the manufacturing allowing you to focus on your core business. Omnigo manufactures to IPC 610C standards and is ISO accredited.


A selection of the many services we offer:

  • SMD Population of PCB’s.
  • Conventional manufacturing (Through hole manufacturing).
  • Manufacturing of cables, looms and harnesses.
  • Testing of PBA’s (PCB Asssemblies).
  • ESS (Environmental Stress Screening) where necessary.
  • Vibration screening where necessary.
  • Sub assembly and final assembly if needed (building components into enclosures, etc).
  • Procurement of all necessary items and components.
  • Assisting with obsolescence of components.
  • Delivery with a Certificate of Conformance where required.
  • Industrialisation.


We make your designs reality.


To provide electronic hardware developing companies a high quality manufacturing solution that is cost efficient and tailor-made to specific requirements.